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I got my dress form the other day and then spent the last 2 days fighting with the cover in an effort to fit it to me and be small enough..and then get the bloody thing on the form. Eventually got it on, found I had to take in it at least 4 inches to get it to compress down to my size in the bust. Took the cover off, adjusted it and with the help of James, got it back on. I cover is on it crooked and the waist is higher then mine but I don't care it is going to stay on the form dang it.. no matter how much it bugs me in the back of my mind. Very big pain in the ass to get the cover on there.
So I decided to test it out by draping the bodice for my Victorian Halloween costume.
It went pretty well once I got the hang of it, and now I just need to unpin it and see if it fits with my proportions and so on and so forth. I'm not keen on darts, so mine only has one rather then two, it just did not want to divide itself.

Draping photos here  )
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My bustle =) It is actually a bit darker in terms of color, but still bright!


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