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Yay skirts! Just pinned in place, still needs pressing and hemming and all that good stuff.

And my blathering on about patterning it can be found here.


Apr. 26th, 2010 03:57 pm
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I spend yesterday figuring out just how much yardage I had, and if it was enough to cut the skirt with a train.

Turns out I had just enough velvet and lining fabric for it.

So today I spent cutting the lining and velvet and then serging all the edges save the hem. Tomorrow shall be the sewing of it, which means I should start winding the bobbins now as I hate doing that part.

I still need to draft the sleeve pattern too, hmmm.
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*edit* It would be nice if I stopped hitting return on the laptop and publishing the entry before I finish typing. This is the inner structure for the "Pisa" Gown. No boning in it just layers of drill, muslin, buckram and quilt batting. A more detailed write up is over on the website.

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Bodice mock up, I don't have the center back pinned so getting a few wrinkles on the side from it, but most I'm most concerned with getting the point right. The funeral dress in PoF has the point coming down 5 inches from the waist, which on my frame is huge, and in the test dress I made (and still need to hem) it gave it a very very late period feel. I folded the bottom seam allowances under so that should be where it all hits.


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