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Oct. 27th, 2006 05:45 am
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This is [livejournal.com profile] ninjajeje 's costume, In its almost done state, offical photos of it hopefully next week.

Now.. to finish the other one and then I will post an real update.

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Just a test picture everything is just draped and pinned in place, granted a bit crooked. I found some old lace and gold bits that I picked off an old evening gown that makes for rather nice stomacher combination. I plan to age them down a good bit before using them.plans for today is to over dye my cousin's fabric and do a muslin of the pattern as she will be over for me to measure.
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Shift just needs the hem evened and neckline bound
Pocket hoops are done
Corset I need to finish binding

I should not be left alone with my leather doublet and 10 yards of trim.I need to get a few more yards for the collar and shoulder wings and "skirts" but it is looking very nice. Shall post photos later when I can type with less pain. I think I over did it writing the other day.


Happy B-day Katherine  =)
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Hunting around on the web I didn't see any back shots, so I popped the the dvd in and took some screen caps.
And lo and behold, the back of the gown is pleated to fit much like the gold gown was.

Few other sceen caps are here


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