Sep. 19th, 2016

centuriessewing: (Fitted English Gown)
Presenting Kwik Sew 3658 in a cheap black lightweight knit! I think this is my first time working with knits aside from stretch velvets.

The knit was a pain, the edges curled and it was off grain (thank you so much But I traced it off with the lay the tissue paper down, put a fingernail on the line, fold tissue over and mark method. Sew, wash away tape the center front seam after unpicking it once, overlock all the things. Finish the arms with self-cut binding. I went to hem it tonight, got one way around the hem, started a second go round and the twin needle snapped.

It will be comfy and wearable once I finish hemming it.

Things I'd do differently next time, use a heavier or better quality knit, wider binding the S/A likes to roll back and try to stick out. Narrower hem on the bottom. It called for 1 inch, I sewed about in the middle of the hem and the S/A tried to roll back down again. And take in the shoulder area a touch.


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