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I haven’t sewn the past few days, some of it was taken up by a 5 hour “clean all the things!” urge. My sewing area is a little better, but I still have some things to go through. My bathroom¬†however, is spotless.




I ordered 6 yards of this poly-cotton satin to make a petticoat as what I have for underpinnings is all 16th century based. It should be here Monday and the dark brown will give the black a tiny bit of color. It shall have ruffles! I need to find my ruffle foot and my rolled hemmer foot.

I also hit up pinterest to try and find some examples of petticoats for 1889 – 1891.




“Der Bazar 1889: Striped petticoat; 75. front part in half size, 76. side gore, 77. back upper breadth in half size, 78. back bottom breadth in half size”

I found a few more petticoat drawings from catalogs, but I have not found many extant ones, most seems to be dated earlier or later. But so far the drawstring and yoke seems to be a feature. Since this is not my usual era I have no idea if this is a carryover from the bustle or not, does anyone know?


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